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April 2020 Newsletter

Even though our daily lives have been impacted by the global pandemic, we want to celebrate the positive impact of Voices4Nigeria. Enjoy this piece of good news today!

“Seeds are the one thing that are the only genuine promise we have of the future.” wrote prominent num and activist Sister Joan Chittister in her essay. Seeds contain the “power of creation. In every seed, is the gift of life to those seeking life, wanting life, denied the kind of life that is full of energy and hope.”

Thanks to all of you who donate to Voices4Nigeria’s “Seeds of Hope” farming grant initiative! Through your support and the efforts of our Nigerian partner Gabasawa successfully implementing and managing the program, hundreds of victims of terrorism are experiencing a life of renewed energy and hope! Just as a seed starts small and seemingly insignificant, so too began our farming program. But with a little funding along with a lot of hard work and faith, it sprouted into something great!

As a result of our successful farming grant initiative, several new partnerships and funding opportunities have developed in 2020. This has granted V4N and Gabasawa the opportunity to “scatter the seed” and help more victims of terrorism.  We are:

  • providing micro-finance opportunities for impoverished women and at-risk girls through  The program pilot will launch in March 2020 with twelve women who survived Fulani terrorism in the middle belt of Nigeria.

  • launching a trauma therapy program for survivors of terrorism and victims of sex abuse. (In all of Nigeria, a country of almost 200 million people, there are only 300 licensed psychiatrists). One of our volunteers contacted a family member that developed a successful trauma therapy program used internationally in areas of heavy conflict and sexual abuse. The program is called “SinG – Stories in Grace.” The volunteer purchased the “SinG” program, training, curriculum, and videos that will be used with each woman involved in our empowerment initiatives.

  • securing resources to support approximately 1000 victims of sex abuse and human trafficking through funds granted by the British Council.

  • expanding the number of women in our farming program, with V4N funding an additional 50 women farmers this month!  The Nigerian Commissioner of Women’s Affairs is in the process of providing grants (or directly funding) the expansion of the farming initiative too. We will keep you posted!

Nigeria remains a tentative place for international NGO involvement due to political uncertainty and continued violence. We are deeply grateful for the on-the-ground commitment and work of Gabasawa. The compassion, courage, accountability, and perseverance of this team makes our work possible. We covet your continued financial undergirding, faithfulness, and involvement.

If you are interested in learning more about our work, getting involved, or funding a program, please visit our website at or email us at


Janet Wright, Executive Director 

and The V4N Volunteer Committee

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