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The Nigerian pastor had just started his Sunday sermon in his small village church, when his phone rang, from a number he didn’t recognize. He didn’t answer. Then it rang again. “I think I must answer this call,” he said.

A rough-sounding man said he held one of the pastor’s parishioners as hostage. (Advocates use the pseudonym “Grace” to protect her identity.) He demanded an exorbitant sum for the Christian woman. Then he hung up. Read the whole story

In what is being touted as a "coordinated ambush" by Nigerian officials, militants belonging to the West Africa-based, ISIS-affiliated terrorist organization Boko Haram on Sunday unleashed a donkey carting explosives to assail the convoy of Borno State Governor Babagana Zalum. Read the whole story

The recent surge in the attacks launched by the terrorist group Boko Haram in Nigeria’s northeastern region has faded hopes of millions of displaced persons who were looking to restart their normal lives by returning to their homes. Read the whole story

 On July 20th, in Kaduna, Nigeria, Fulani Militants murdered eleven Christians. Read the whole story

The Governor of Borno State, Babagana Zulum, on Monday adduced reasons why the Nigerian government and military have not been able to win the decade-long war against Boko Haram. Read the whole article

Boko Haram has created an economy based on careful control of the international trade on smoked fish as well as red pepper in Lake Chad. read the whole article

Two deadly attacks by jihadist groups in Chad and Nigeria this week killed more than 140 soldiers, underlining the militants’ continued threat in the Lake Chad region, despite reports of factional fighting and leadership changes. Read the whole article

Lassa Fever in a Time of Coronavirus in Nigeria

March 24, 2020

Against the backdrop of coronavirus, Nigeria is also in the midst of its worst Lassa fever outbreak in years, writes John Campbell.

The stories are grim and harrowing, as villagers talk about the machetes falling -- on arms, fingers, heads, and pregnant bellies. They've been lit on fire, sold into sex slavery, shot, raped, and then raped again. Read the whole article 

Nigeria's Silent Slaughter

March 14, 2020

Join us in our movement for justice. We are calling out to our governments to put pressure on the Nigerian government. They must take action towards stopping the escalating violence and putting an end to this silent slaughter--once and for all. Read more

More than 1,000 Christians were killed in Nigeria in 2019, mostly by radical Islamists, according to the report ... Read the whole story 

At the referee’s whistle, the teams thought the match was over, as celebratory firecrackers popped, but in seconds they realized something was horribly wrong.

Francis Abba, 29, a talented elementary-school teacher, went down with a bullet smashing his femur bone. Coach Solomon Johanna, 48, faltered as a bullet sliced through his left hand ...  Read the whole article

A slow-motion war is underway in Africa's most populous country. It's a massacre of Christians, massive in scale and horrific in brutality. And the world has hardly noticed.

Nigeria remains the third most impacted country in the world by terrorism – a position it has retained since 2015, the 2019 Global Terrorism Index (GTI) shows.

Only Iraq and Afghanistan are ranked worse than Africa’s most populous country, which has been dealing with violent insurgency in its northeastern region since 2009. The report was published by the Australia-based Institute for Economics and Peace. Read the whole story 

Over 100 attend High Tea fundraiser

November 03, 2019

We had our annual holiday event yesterday at Cherry Hills Country Club, where attendees enjoyed "high tea" and an auction, as well as updates on the situation in Nigeria.

Every day across the African continent, black men, women, and children are captured, bought, and sold into slavery with the Western world paying scant attention. Human rights groups have marched and battled against abuses noticeably less cruel and evil than human bondage, yet no major organization has attempted to free today’s black slaves, much less taken meaningful steps to raise awareness about their plight. Read the whole article

V4N at the 10th Annual Justice Run

September 29, 2019

We had a booth at the Justice Run, which raises money and awareness for human trafficking and its victims.

After a decade of devastating war with Boko Haram extremists, they are now better armed than ever and have more sophisticated drones than the demoralized Nigerian military. Read the whole article 

International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism

August 21, 2019

Today is International day of remembrance and tribute to victims of terrorism established by the United Nations to honor victims and survivors of terrorism.


Many Nigerians have paid the supreme price in the hard-fought and long drawn battle with Boko Haram.

In 2011, Boko Haram suicide bombers attacked UN headquarters in Abuja, killing at least 18 people, and injuring scores. Nigeria still mourns the death of Saifura Hussaini, Ahmed Khorsa and Hauwa Mohammed Liman, all midwives with ICRC abducted and killed by Boko Haram.

Millions have been displaced and now live in camps with very little access to basic amenities.

Maize farmers supported by Voices

July 21, 2019

Voices 4 Nigeria funds farming grants for widowed victims of  Boko Haram who have also been displaced. Here are some of them farming maize. 

It has been almost 18 long and painful months since Rebecca Sharibu’s teenaged daughter Leah was kidnapped from her classroom by Boko Haram Islamic militants in Nigeria. While Leah’s schoolmates were eventually freed, the ISIS-affiliated insurgents refused to release the soft-spoken student because she would not relinquish her Christian faith. Now, Sharibu is turning to the U.S government in a desperate plea for her child’s life. Read the whole article 

Five years after being kidnapped by Boko Haram, freed Chibok girls have nightmares about their 100 missing classmates and are burdened by guilt for surviving, while shielding parents of dead friends from the truth about their daughters’ fate. Read the whole article

Suspected Boko Haram terrorist burnt down houses in Gatamwarwa ward, Chibok local government area of Borno state. Read the whole article

A new compilation of data gives insight into the African Islamist insurgency’s reach, tactics, and evolution. It reveals a far higher victim count than previous estimates.

Job training for 85 people provided by V4N partners in Nigeria

August 04, 2018

85 people received computer training Borno State, Marama, Bui. Our partners provide empowerment to young people seeking jobs to support themselves and their families. 

500 people receive food aid from Voices4Nigeria

Our partners in Nigeria have arranged to deliver food aid to 500 people in Adamawa. Here's a picture of men bringing the food to the camp.

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