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An Encouraging Update!

Dear Friends of Voices4Nigeria,

"Even when our situation appears impossible, our work is to 'hope in God.' Our hope will not be in vain - help will come."

George Muller

I wanted to give you an encouraging update on V4N's Women (Widow) Farming Initiative and thank those who continue to support our efforts.

Not many realize that the largest population of African believers, 96 million, live in Nigeria, where Fulani militants or Boko Haram kill a Christian every two hours. Their determined goal to Islamize Nigeria and Africa has not ceased. Nigeria's government and military have done little to curb the terrorism and violence, and the greater international community refuses to acknowledge this as "genocide." As a result, thousands of Christians were killed, their villages burned to the ground, with women and children were left starving. This horror led to our involvement.

We are consistently reminded that our God is a BIG God! He is NOT limited in accomplishing HIS plans and HIS purposes! And so, eight years ago, we began V4N to help these families "by faith, not by sight, "and we continue today. Three years ago, in partnership with Gabasawa Women and Children's Empowerment Initiative, we began a farming project with 65 women eager to rebuild their lives and save their children from starvation. Today, that farming initiative has expanded to over 5000 widow farmers, with a vetted waiting list of an additional 5000 women! Many women farmers have turned the tide of hunger in their families by becoming successful farming entrepreneurs.

We have often reminded ourselves that Jesus only needed five loaves and two fish to feed 5000, and we believe Him when He says, "Nothing is too difficult for Me." During this time, we have seen Him accomplish the impossible! Despite two years of global Covid restrictions and increased terrorist activity, our Women's Farming Initiative has grown and is growing! The Lord has consistently protected our farmers and farms - sometimes using the Nigerian government itself! (*The government often takes credit for our farms in photo ops)

Perhaps even more impressive is that, due to the success of our farming project, we have been favorably noticed by several in the international community!

  1. The British Consulate partnered with Gabasawa to manage their Trauma Therapy center for 1000 girls and women who have suffered sexual abuse.

  2. Germany and the Netherlands are partnering with us to provide seedlings to widow farmers.

  3. Japan wants to provide irrigation systems and education for the widows.

  4. The President of Malawi wants to establish a similar farming program in Malawi.

  5. New Zealand is giving additional support after seeing the excellence of the Women's Farming Initiative.

We continue to be an all-volunteer organization, depending on the Lord for direction and donations. Every donation goes directly to help and expand the Farming initiative. As we continue to work on behalf of the Nigerian Christians:

  • Will you join us in prayer and intercession?

  • Will you join us in seeing and believing that even amid horrific evil, the Lord is still working?

  • Will you join us in raising awareness of the "unofficial" genocide?

  • Will you volunteer to help us with your time and talent? (*Call or text the number below)

  • Will you please donate to maintain and expand our fight against starvation, giving hope and encouragement to the women farmers?

Please look at our updated website:, for additional information about what's happening in Nigeria and our Women's Farming Initiative.


Janet Wright

Executive Director, Voices4Nigeria


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