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International Prayer Gathering

I At 10 am on a snowy morning in Parker, Colorado a very diverse group of people got together to pray. Ishaku John, Voices4Nigeria’s Rocky Mountain Regional Director, invited people who had immigrated to the U.S. from all parts of the world - Liberia, Haiti, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, India, Sudan, Ghana, Israel, North Korea, and South Korea - unified in this common purpose to pray for one another’s countries. Each group shared specific prayer requests for their country; many sang. Ishaku led the group in song with the chorus, ‘You are my brother, you are my sister.’ The unity of the group was electric. Song was followed by prayer, together with one heart and mind. The prayers ranged from relief from poverty, hunger, oppression, persecution, greedy or unresponsive governments, and natural disasters that devastated some countries. And above all, the focus was on the One Who hears and acts on behalf of those who come to Him in prayer. As one attendee put it, “If God’s hand moves in the areas we prayed for, it will be because of the Spirit-filled prayer of these ‘immigrant’ Americans who are so often marginalized and dismissed, and who, if they prayed in our churches the way they prayed on Saturday, would have eyebrows raising all over the congregations. I will never sit to pray again!" The International Prayer Gathering will not stop here – there will be more to come, as all who attended heartily agreed. We will let you know the next time this international group meets together again.

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