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Looking to 2019

Dear V4N Friends,

We are encouraged that all the emergency aid and money sent to Nigeria in 2018 has been delivered to the IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons). It’s been an arduous task. We are grateful to Gabasawa for continuing to work in high-risk areas to meet ongoing humanitarian needs in the Northeast and Middle Belt of Nigeria.

In 2019, Voices4Nigeria will be shifting our focus from emergency medical and food aid to an emphasis on rebuilding lives in a sustainable way. V4N has already provided farming grants of seed, fertilizer and pesticide to 67 widows of Boko Haram terrorism. We sent additional money this month to fund the harvesting of the widows’ crops and to purchase land for a Skill Training Center.

Along with the hoped-for expansion of farming grants and funding of the Skill Training Center in 2019, trauma therapy support will be provided as soon as possible. If Nigeria can effectively defeat terrorism, we have been advised that they need to rebuild a foundation of both economic and emotional stability to help rekindle and stabilize the heart of the nation.

Please consider donating to Voices4Nigeria in your year-end giving decisions. Our work continues to be an all-volunteer effort. We have deeply appreciated your continued concern, support and financial undergirding for the past four years in helping meet the needs of the persecuted, oppressed and suffering.


Janet Wright Executive Director V4N

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